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I live every day with a "grab life by the balls" mentality. I'm a savage for a challenge, in love with my cats Todd & Felicia, and grew up eating ice cream after dinner every night. It's hard to pick a favorite flavor, but if I had to it'd be mint cookies n' cream. I was not always a runner-- a sucker for a good turkey trot, I felt being able to run three miles was a fair test of fitness. After college I decided to kick it into another gear. With a new found focus on my personal health and wellness I trained for my first marathon-- the Vermont City Marathon-- in 2013. Finishing sub four hours, stronger than I ever expected, I became hooked on running, setting big goals, and chipping away at them day after day. CrossFit, cycling, spin class, stand up paddle boarding, skiing, and yoga are also a part of the equation, but running remains the through line. My spirit animal is a mountain lion. Their power, intention, and physical strength within the animal kingdom mirrors the balance of body, mind, and spirit in the human realm.

Waffles over pancakes.

Alien believer.

420 friendly.

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