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My purpose is to help inspire others to live healthier and happier lives.

It is important that my work aligns with this mission.


Whether the intention is SEO, sharing an inspiring story, or providing education, a blog is a solid tool to captivate the consumer, expand on a brand's personality, and feed the Google algorithm.

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I don't need to tell you the importance of community building. PS. I love reels.

#1 Increasing female representation on the COROS athlete team

#2 Partnering with the king of Strava art (Lenny has over 33,900 Strava followers)

#3 Me personally putting the product to the test during a 290-mile run






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#4 What happens when you let your partnerships manager out of the office... Boston Marathon shuttle edition

#5 The CULTURE goodr podcast was born! I spearheaded all social, email, PR, product, and blog for this project.


Provide value to your consumers with meaningful email marketing. Communicate creatively. Stay top of mind.

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Make friends! Partnerships help expose your brand to fresh eyeballs and different communities. A solid partnership will feel collaborative and symbiotic.

COROS takes on the New York City Marathon. This included the creation of a new expo display, partnering with Fleet Feet on the retailer side, and working with multiple athlete, brand, and run club partners to make a complete COROS experience throughout marathon weekend.

Introducing the first GPS watch with GoPro integration. I worked with GoPro to help get the story out through their blog and newsletters.

COROS, the official GPS watch of Aravaipa Running!

Aravaipa is the top dog of orchestrating trail races and creating community. They are bringing the sport's media and livestreaming to the next level. Click the pic to see Aravaipa's founder Jamil Coury announce the partnership. Watch the reel that I created while working the 2022 Cocodona 250, and enjoy this sweet YouTube video of COROS athletes crushing the Desert Solstice 24-hour event.


Flex your creative muscles and connect with consumers in a unique way. Campaigns help keep marketing interesting and your brand engaging.

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Presents for the Planet, a robust campaign working with four different non-profits, using a Shopify plug-in to allow customers to choose where they wanted their donation to go at checkout. Worked with COROS athletes passionate about these organizations to help promote the campaign.

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It's pretty simple: make your website more visible and create the opportunity to convert more prospects into consumers.

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This is a tiny glimpse at what hundreds of optimized product meta descriptions and page titles look like. It's not the most glamorous work, but optimizing the meta descriptions on the backend can go a long way in the eyes of Google. Figure out your keywords and use them wisely!

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