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Joshua tree traverse o&B FKT for LA Saves track

Did you say FKT or desert PARTY?!! Shelby will be running the Joshua Tree Traverse trail out-and-back as a supported Fastest Known Time to raise money for LA Saves Track.


Together we raised $776.66 for LA Saves Track.

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Old project deets below, but definitely check out LA Saves Track!


This notable 37-mile trail is often completed in one direction, with Dylan Bowman and Clare Gallagher currently the fastest male and female on a one-way supported effort. Shelby will also be running the trail supported but instead of finishing at the North Entrance Station of Joshua Tree Park, she'll be flipping it around for a total of 74 hot and sandy miles! Pledge per mile! This is a fixed distance event so $0.10 per mile would be a $7.40 donation.

[Put your money on me, I dare ya.]

Donation to what?! LA Saves Track! LA Saves Track is a campaign to rebuild the dilapidated track and facilities at LA High School, providing access and pathways to opportunity for the student-athletes at Los Angeles’ oldest school. In partnership with LaRue’s Crew, the LA running community is coming together to reinvigorate the athletic programs at one of LA’s most underserved schools. Why do I care?! Students are showing up daily to run around a dirt ring with locker rooms deemed unsafe to use in a city with more wealth than people know what to do with. Running teaches discipline, it builds confidence, and promotes a healthy lifestyle. Personally, running allows me to challenge my mind and body in ways I wouldn't otherwise know are possible. The students of LA High School deserve to have a safe space to explore this, a place to test their physical limits through running while developing into active adults.

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Oh, so you want to pace me? Check out this map and DM me @shelbzzf if you want to play in the desert on December 18th. Worst case scenario I puke on your shoe or drop you... or both.

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